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Houses - Upper School

Dec 1, 2023

For Upper School House period last week, students decorated trees and themselves in Christmas styles.


Nov 14, 2023

Students in House Augustine won the quarter's points total, earning them a hamburger cookout by Mr. Phillips.

Oct 21, 2023

Upper School students play house games on every Friday, the latest being a game where students hop into each other's laps upon direction of Mr. Phillips...


Sept 17, 2023

Students held a fun-filled induction ceremony for the new House members entering the House system for the first time. Each house played a different game that uniquely tested the strengths of each incoming house member.

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Both our B and A teams played Gloria Deo on Thursday. This being the B-team’s only second game off the year. We started off well, but then could not get in to an offense set and didn’t play as a team.


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