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If you are reading this, you are a person who values education—you are a seeker. You seek the best for your children and you seek truth. At Heritage School, we embrace the quest for learning.


We believe that the classroom is God’s classroom and that His truth is revealed in every subject with the objective of molding us into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Through the collaboration of teacher-student-parents, all exploring the thoughts of great minds, we discover truth, beauty, and goodness together. Together we engage in the exciting endeavor of learning—amidst strong and loving relationships in a community of like-minded Christians. We evaluate what we read and explore new thoughts, meanwhile embracing the concept that all truth is God’s truth.  

As you browse our website, you’ll learn more about the comprehensive Classical, Christian education we offer. What we hope you also see is a community who loves learning and growing together – the Heritage Family. We invite you to come and see for yourself!

Jared Squires, Ed.D.


At Heritage School, we embrace the quest for learning—

from the tiniest Kindergarten student to the eldest among our teaching staff or grandparents—we all love to learn.


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