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Logic Boys Basketball

Both our B and A teams played Gloria Deo on Thursday. This being the B-team’s only second game off the year. We started off well, but then could not get in to an offense set and didn’t play as a team. This aloud them to come back and tie up the game. We agree on a 2 minute overtime where we were able to get to the free throw line. Made one of two but it was waved off do to a lane violation. So we ended it in a tie.

Heritage B  24       Gloria Deo B   24

Scoring: Luke North 8, Christian Carter 7, Cason Clawson 5, London Nelson 2, Silas Williams 2

A-team took care of business, but we did not play our best basketball. This was actually the worst we have played so far. We were just sloppy.  We had a lot of turnovers, didn’t rebound well, and didn’t run our offenses well. We had bad spacing and our timing was off. Could just be we have been dealing with a lot of players out do to sickness and try to get everyone back to 100%. We will be headed across town to play FMS on Monday. So hope we can clean up our play to see if we can hang with the bigger public school. 

Heritage A       29          Gloria Deo A       26

Scoring: Wyatt Craven 9, Zeke Shipman 8, Fields Culver 6, Case Baker2, Regan Nelson 2, Christian Evans 2


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