Heritage School was established to provide a classical education from a Christian worldview. Biblical truths are integrated into every subject seamlessly and naturally just as God is a seamless and natural part of all life.

Classical education as expressed through the trivium (Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric) recognizes that there are three distinct pedagogies aligned with the natural stages of a child’s development. Each stage prepares students at the appropriate level of development challenging them both academically and spiritually and equipping them for life. Its roots are in ancient Greece where free citizens focused on development of the mind and soul, thus achieving a “liberal” (libera = “free”) education. It is the education that formed such minds as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. As Plutarch observed, “the very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in good education.”

Our curriculum is rigorous for a purpose. Heritage believes that children are not only capable of thinking and learning, but can actually enjoy it all their lives!

Some of the highlights of our required curriculum include: - Academic excellence: History, Literature, Science, Math, Art and Music presented with a clear dedication to truth, beauty, and goodness, embracing the best classic and time-tested literature and primary sources available:

  • Art: the study of the Masters reinforcing the ability of all students to express themselves with artistic excellence through many forms of media

  • Music: emphasizing excellence both in music appreciation as well as performance. All students learn to read music, perform, and appreciate great compositions.

  • Grammar School: Field trips that enlighten and inspire young students in the arts and sciences

  • Upper School: multiple-day, overnight class trips to enhance their studies and expand their world in places such as Washington, DC and historic Williamsburg.

  • Senior Thesis: The distinctive capstone of the Heritage education is the Senior Thesis. Every senior at Heritage prepares a persuasive 4000-6000 word paper on a topic of his/her choice for defense before a panel of specifically selected experts and faculty. This rigorous exercise clearly demonstrates the culmination of a distinctive education resulting in our students’ ability to synthesize conflicting viewpoints, to logically sequence both thought and word, and to clearly articulate their well-reasoned arguments.

Heritage School is a community of students, parents, staff, and trustees which works together as partners to develop in students the truest and best education possible. Through integration of the fine arts, sciences, humanities taught from a biblical perspective, students are fully prepared for the college of their choice, a career, and life as servant leaders.