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Heritage Varsity Six-Man Football Start the Year

Sept 15, 2023

Heritage 8

Tapps Div III


#8 Oglesby 54


On the game vs Oglesby

Oglesby is a great team and this game will pay huge dividend for us down the road. To play against this caliber of an opponent in a hostile environment will help us achieve our long term goals.

This game was a tale of two halves. I am proud of the way our guys prepared this week and entered the game mentally and physically unintimidated. That shows huge growth over the past week and was one of our objectives heading in to face the #8 UIL team in the state.

We silenced the stadium with our methodical, tough, hard-nosed play in the first half. Of course, not to sound cliché, but we know no one cares about the score at halftime. These guys put together some incredible drives and kept the ball away from Oglesby's high-powered offense for much of the first half. We did run into some adversity in the second half and have to now take that next step to determine if we can weather that storm and right the ship within the game. I am absolutely excited about where we are as a team right now. No doubt, our best football is ahead. We will continue to grow in every way and we believe come district and playoff time, we will be a tough tough out.


Sept 1, 2023

Heritage 51

Tapps Div iii


SA Castle Hills 42

Tapps Div ii

On the game

This was one of the greatest games I have been a part of in a long long time. Two great teams and coaching staffs went after it for four quarters. In old-fashioned terms, it was a true dog fight between two great programs and two teams with great kids. Coach Wentrcek and I have known each other for the past 20 years and we have even coached together for 2 seasons. Our programs are patterned off the same philosophy and mindset. It was a blast. It was like a prized boxing match. We would back them in the corner and then they would come barreling fighting their way out of the corner. I am very proud of our entire team including players, coaches, managers, and fans. We have a great team. These young men do not know the meaning of quit. They have grit and salt in their blood. The are unified.

Our 9 vs their 20. They were bigger and more numerous but that doesn’t stop these guys from believing they can win and fighting for one another all 4 quarters. Our freshman and younger guys grew up a lot over the past two weeks. I am very proud of them. I have some sophomores and juniors who are showing they can play both sides of the ball at a high level.

On the seniors on senior night

It was so emotional before the game when we honored all 4 of our seniors. 2 football players Tristan Roberts and Tres Jons, our filmer who has been helping us all 4 years Tanner Tippens and our 1 senior cheerleader who has been cheering at heritage for 12 years since she was a grammar school eaglette. All of these seniors involved in the football program and cheer program have experienced incredible journeys and it hard to believe they are seniors. I have been blessed to know them all since they were in grammar school. I am proud of them and excited for what God is going to do in their lives down the road.

Our seniors are doing a fantastic job of leading.


Aug 25, 2023

Fredericksburg Heritage 56

Tapps Div iii


San Marcos Baptist Academy 34

Div i

On the game

Our team played with pure guts and grit. You can't coach that. These guys played with so much heart and as one team. For 9 guys to go out there and play 150 something plays in these kind of conditions, speaks volumes about their commitment, hard work, and fight. They play for each other. We had our young guys really step up, and they got smarter as the game went on. It was very obvious that their learning curve was going straight up. I couldn’t be more proud of them. Our veterans led and did what they do - play solid, fundamental, physical football.

We have a lot of room for improvement and we will get much better. We have to continue to be methodical and work hard.

I liked the way we won the turnover margin. That was huge in this game. We made some really great stops on defense that I think gave our offense a chance to be on the field longer.

It was a great family fun entertaining Heritage Friday Night Lights.


Aug 19, 2023

Heritage faced off against Austin Hill Country, Round Rock, Waco Liveoak, and FEAST in a scrimmage in August.

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