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Feed One

Food Packing Event

Heritage School, in collaboration with Family Legacy, aim to feed over 14,000 vulnerable and orphaned children in their 24 schools in Zambia. We are hosting a Feed One meal packing event at Heritage School in Fredericksburg on

Sunday, November 14th from 1 pm - 4 pm where we will gather to hand-pack 30,000 healthy meals for these deserving children. 

The cost for these 30,000 meals including shipping to Lusaka, Zambia is only $9,600.00 That’s less than 32 cents a meal! 

We can't accomplish this without YOU! Your donation will provide a balanced meal of rice, lentils, dried vegetables, seasoning, and vitamins that will be served during school lunch for these children in Family Legacy's program. For some, it may be their only meal of the day. 

Sign-up to volunteer:

Click here to donate:

The event will be located at MPAC (gym) at:
310 Smokehouse Road
Fredericksburg, TX

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