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Volleyball Seniors Honored

Heritage volleyball seniors - Eleanor Loggie, Ellie Shipman, and Lilli Bray - were honored as a part of Senior Night on Tuesday, Sept 26.

Eleanor’s fellow volleyball teammates say that she is an amazing leader, is an awesome hitter and is very powerful. Eleanor treats her younger teammates with kindness, discipline and compassion. She helps us continue to work hard when we want to slack off. Eleanor is funny, intense, and always down to hang out and have fun. She is a very good friend. Thank you Eleanor for being there for me the past 4 years. You always help people and we love you more than you know. Another teammate says, "Eleanor there is no way words can explain how awesome you are. Ever since I came into the 7th grade, you have been so welcoming and always been there to tell me it is going to be ok."

Lilli's teammates have this to say about her: Lilli is very supportive and fast and will race to any volleyball on the court that is hers. Her positivity spreads to others like wildfire. She has a never-give-up attitude. She is loving and loves God. Lilli is encouraging and looks at the bright side of things. She is the best DJ and is hype on the music for us. She will drop what she is doing, come help you, and will always be there to comfort you and encourage you. She is the best cousin ever. Her beautiful smile lights up the room and is so contagious. She is also a great guide for the younger players, and will go out of her way to tell you you did a great job. She is very optimistic and she loves the Lord.

Ellie's teammates say that she is so encouraging and she puts in so much work. Ellie loves and trusts the Lord and that is most important to her. She is one of the sweetest and most supportive girls I know. She is always encouraging on the court and if she is finished with running, she is encouraging to those who have not finished. She leads by example and fights for everything. She uses her gifts to glorify God. “Elbow” is my best friend - we have been through it all together. We have laughed, cried and even been sick together. It is such a joy and so exciting to share these memories together, especially this senior year. Through everything, Ellie looks to God and it is amazing to see. In just about everything, she is humorous and has a contagious laugh. She has a very good poker face. Ellie has so much heart and grit and is competitive in a good way. I wish I could play with her for the next 4 seasons.

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