MLK Day of Community Service

Heritage students offer helping hand to Fredericksburg community in the spirit of Martin Luther King's commitment to humble service.

Heritage students spent Martin Luther King Day in service of many worthy causes in the local community.


Kindergarten and 2nd grade students visited The Villages at Windcrest to play games and visit with the residents there.

1st and 3rd grade students worked to clean parts of the Heritage campus.

4th and 6th grade students put on their dancing shoes to visit Knopp Nursing Home, where they visited with residents there and performed a few dances for their entertainment.

5th students went to Hill Country Church to pack lunches for local families in need.

7th and 8th grade students accompanied Head of School Mrs. Hierholzer to visit with the residents of Celeste Memory Care.

The House of DaVinci worked with the Hill Country Memorial Thrift Store to sort through clothing and other donations to organize them to display for purchase.

The House of Lewis helped to organize, sift through donations, and place sell-able items on out for purchase. 

The House of Shakespeare went to the SPCA to assist in cleaning their backyard area and sanitizing kennels.

And the House of Washington helped to keep Highway 87 tidy by picking up trash along a stretch of highway past Fritztown Cinemas going towards San Antonio. 

Thank you to our students and faculty for their enthusiastic participation in this great day, and to our service partners for giving us the opportunities to directly support our community, in the memory of a man who dedicated most of his life to outreach and ministry.