College Guidance

The college preparatory, honors level curriculum at Heritage School has launched more than 170 graduates in fifteen classes on to competitive colleges, universities, and service academies throughout Texas and across the U.S.

Heritage School provides:

  • personal counseling

  • coaching in resume & essay writing

  • generous faculty recommendation letters

  • clearing house file for local scholarships

  • test prep workshops

These services and encouragement position Heritage seniors to find good college matches, gain acceptance and win substantial merit scholarships. The 2018 graduates were awarded a total of $685,000 in academic merit scholarships with an average of $33,000 per year in merit scholarships from private universities.

Alumni report smooth academic transitions as college freshman. They credit readiness in study skills, subject content, mental stamina and mature priorities for their successes.

College Search & Application Resources

Heritage School CEEB Code for SAT/ACT: 442607

SAT registration & College Board database
ACT registration & American College Testing database
Apply Texas - state online application
The Common App - national online application

Paying for College

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid 
College For 
Saving for

Personal Assessment & Career Search

O*NET Resource Center 
These tools link to the more than 800 occupations described by the O*NET database, as well as to occupational information in CareerOneStop. Students can make a seamless transition from assessing their interests, work values, and abilities to matching their job skills with the requirements of occupations in their local labor market.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter KTS-II 
DISC Personality Test


Mrs. Jean Sauer

Heritage School College Counselor 
830-997-6597, ext 223;