Portrait of a Graduate

Graduates of Heritage School strive to:

  • Exemplify Christ

  • Think critically, speak articulately, write effectively

  • Pursue learning

  • Persevere


As a Pre-K thru 12 Christian school, Heritage embraces the Bible as the authority for life and teaching. Education is never neutral, and more than simply engaging in a transmission of doctrine, Heritage values Christian character and the communication of life principles and values both through integrated teaching and through the godly example of staff members who model Christianity through their lives and demeanor. Education is not indoctrination, but the equipping of students to love God with all their minds [Matthew 22:37], to ask probing questions, and to explore boldly the various aspects of knowledge from the conviction that all truth is in essence God’s truth. Heritage School seeks to integrate faith and learning so that our students may graduate with a stronger, deeper faith, ready to glorify God in service to mankind.

Students are expected to adhere to the rules and show respect and kindness to all students, parents, and adults. We expect the older students to model excellent character since our campus includes young children who learn by watching the older students. We expect our students to look people in the eye and greet them cordially in the halls. Heritage School has a low student-teacher ratio and is committed to maintaining a small overall population which will encourage strong relationships and community. No less important than community is the high value Heritage School places on honesty and integrity. The atmosphere at Heritage School is one of “firmness with freedom” and is a community full of life.

The Heritage School firmly believes that financial struggles should not prevent anyone from receiving a quality education. We embrace financial diversity and offer a tuition assistance program for those families that qualify.

In our Statement of Belief, we uphold the most basic tenets of historical, orthodox Christianity. We strive to encourage an atmosphere of unity in Jesus Christ which emphasizes our common convictions and is respectful of our denominational diversity. Heritage School is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination.